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We are an experimental soft matter group working primarily in three types of systems: shear-induced deformation and rearrangements of soft particles, collective behaviors of active colloids, and cell-substrate interactions, with goals to develop new methods for material processing, and assemble biological and nonbiological building blocks into high-dimensional hierarchical structures. Whenever possible, we design high-throughput experiments to augment our capacity and bring in statistical and physical models to optimize experimental designs and accelerate scientific discovery.

We are currently seeking post-doctoral scholars, graduate students, undergraduate students and post-baccalaureates to join our efforts. Please read the Open Position page to find out more.


August 15, 2023
We develop a hybrid approach to automate model construction that extends baseline physics models by features selected from statistical learning and testing procedures....
July 28, 2023
One year in the making (including the design phase). It’s so wonderful to see the lab space finally materializes into reality. Everything fits just right!
July 5, 2023
Nematic order is ubiquitous in biological tissues. Here we show that flat nematic substrates can induce spontaneous global nematic alignment of dense, spindle-like cells,...